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ESA Proprietor's Manual For Utilizing Guillotine Dog Food - 2022 Guide

Just like you need a haircut, shave or shower every now and then, so does your ESA dog. And like its owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that your dog is properly groomed and healthy at all times. Accordingly, getting your dog to take a bath can be tough at times, but what’s really challenging is trimming its nails. Nevertheless, there is something else that is equally important to consider. Which is to make sure you possess an ESA letter for your dog. Because that, like any veteran ESA owner, will tell you, is an absolute must to have.

And if you too struggle with getting your dog’s nails trimmed, then be sure to read the relevant steps down below. So, get your dog nail clippers ready and read on. But be quick, because if your dog spots those clippers, it might just run away.

Before moving further

If this is your first experience with getting an ESA dog, you need to be extra careful while clipping its nails. The letter serves as a document that allows you to take your emotional support animal letter with you, no matter where you go. It is proof that you need your dog to function properly and thus cannot leave its side. So, make sure you get your letter if you haven’t already.

How to Get Your Dog Used to Clippers

Occasionally, your puppy can get used to nail trimming within a week. But in case that doesn’t happen, the schedule you can follow is discussed below.

  • Day 1: Let your little friend play around with the nail clipper a bit and sniff it. After that give it some praise and a treat.

  • Day 2: Lightly tap each paw with the clipper and follow up with some praise and a treat.

  • Day 3: Tap each paw with the clipper and act as if you were cutting its nails – squeezing the clipper each time. Doing this will let your puppy get familiar with the sound clippers make. And when that’s done, shower your friend with some praise and a treat.

  • Day 4: Repeat the same steps as “Day 2”.

  • Day 5: Only trim a very small part of one nail from a front paw. And then bombard the puppy with tons of praise. Further giving it a treat if the adorable thing allows it. In case it doesn’t, be sure to repeat this practice every day till the puppy gets comfortable.

  • Day 6: Shift to trimming the tips off of two nails.

  • Day 7: Keep the flow going till your puppy gets used to it and you eventually trim all the nails.

Steps to Trimming Nails

Trimming your dogs’ nails can be a real handful, especially if your dog isn’t used to the process. Even if you have one of the esa letter for housing out there. So, to make sure that you get it right, follow the steps below.

  1. Pick your dog's paw firmly, yet gently, and position your thumb on the pad of your dog’s toe. Meanwhile, your index finger should be atop the toe, perfectly placed on the skin located over the nail.

  2. On the pad, push upwards and backward with your thumb while simultaneously pushing your forefinger forward – thus extending the dog’s nail.

  3. Via a clipper, trim only the tip of the nail including the dewclaws on the inner side.

  4. Don’t clip past the curve on your dog’s nail, because then you will hit the quick, which can lead to pain and bleeding.

And voila! That’s all there is to it. Just follow these four simple steps and you are good to go.

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