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Why is the iPhone so popular in Japan?

The share of the iPhone in Japan is 60 to 70%. Japan has an overwhelming share of its popularity in the world, and this kind of reason was hidden in it.

The reason why the iPhone has become so popular in Japan is because of Softbank. The iPhone is popular overseas. People around the world want to use on your phone. However, even if you want a terminal overseas, where the price is fixed price, it is a price that you can not afford. In Brazil and China, it is said to be nearly three times the monthly income. You can get Android at a low price overseas, so you compromise and use Android, and the iPhone ends up being a longing. You don't use Android because you want it. That's what makes the iPhone such a great product. By the way, the market share in the United States is about 40%.

Japan's Softbank has succeeded in securing a large number of customers by making handsets free, increasing membership, and making contract fees and monthly usage fees attractive. Then the iPhone became popular.

iPhone prices are cheap in Japan, but what about Android? Compared to the rest of the world, the selling price in Japan is often high, and mobile companies are taking the lead in selling the iPhone. The content of the preferential sales promotion is convenient for the buyer, so most people choose the iPhone.

If you go to Softbank, the iPhone is displayed in the show window and shines. The user-friendliness, design, color, and sophistication of the sharp and supple images make it a product that is easy to recommend even in stores, as it moves the buyer's heart, even more, when they try it in their hands. Seeing friends and family using it, hearing stories about their experiences, how to use it, and information about its functions, and the fact that it's easy to reach out for the iPhone seems to be the reason for purchasing it.

The original iPhone is not cheap. It is a high-end model with high functionality. However, Japanese people who can use the iPhone, which has become very popular due to Softbank, maybe the lucky ones in the world.

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