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Michael Feker

Your Personal Chef and Culinary Host

2015 Wisconsin's Champion Cheese Event

Media & Appearences
The Flavor PRESS

Michael appears on Milwaukee’s WISN at 10:30 a.m. every Sunday morning. His show, “Our Dinner Bell,” showcases family-friendly dishes and walks through each step of the cooking process.  

He was also featured on Food Network’s “Guy’s Grocery Games” on the episode “Aisle and Error” which aired November 16, 2014. He took second in the competition.

In the past, Michael has showcased his healthy cuisine on WITI’s FOX6 Wake-Up Friday mornings and the Weekend Wake Up Saturday mornings. His show, Feker’s Kitchen, has a mission to get viewers/guests to experience food: get back to the table to share both nourishment and conversation with family and friends.

He has also been seen on The Morning Blend, WTMJ4 (NBC), mentioned in articles and interviewed for print and broadcast outlets in Southeast Wisconsin.


  • Best Milwaukee Restaurants, 2013—2015

  • Diners' Choice Winner (Fit for Foodies, Italian, Neighborhood Gem, Best Service), 2013—2015

  • Talk of the Town Customer Satisfaction Award, 2013

  • Reader's Choice Awards, 2012

  • Local Eats That Tempt & Treat, 2012

  • Dining Guide:  Where to Go and What to Expect, 2012

  • Diners' Choice List Winner, 2012

  • Talk of the Town Customer Satisfaction Award, 2011

  • Reader's Choice, 2010

  • Top 50 Restaurants of America, 2009

  • Most Non-Profit Volunteering, 2009

  • Chef of the Year, 2009

  • 3.5 Stars, 2001

  • Chef to the Stars, 1995, 1996, 1997

  • California IL MITO received 4-star rating by California Food Writers Association, 1994, 1995

  • THE place that is not Spago, 1993, 1994

  • Best Chef of Year by California Food Writers Association (CFWA), 1993

  • California IL MITO named Best of LA by 1992

  • California's Best New Chef of the Year, 1991

AWARDS & Accolades
  • Kohler Food & Wine Experience (National & Midwest stages)

  • The International Houseware Show (cooking demonstrations, 2010-13)

  • National Restaurant Association Show (cooking demonstrations)

  • Boelter Companies resident Chef, Cooking Class creator, Corporate Culinary Consultant (2012-13)

  • Nestle Foods Chocolate Fest (presenter, 2012)

  • Stillwater's Cancer Center (culinary director, chair, and emcee)

  • Fagor USA Culinary Consultant (2010-13)

  • Wisconsin Wine and Dine, main stage presenter, 2010-12

  • Milwaukee's Hunger Task Force (donating culinary performances to help feed the hungry at the Wisconsin State Fair and more)

  • Wisconsin Wine and Dine (culinary performer and celebrity judge)

  • Home Builders Expo (culinary presenter and design consultant)

  • Growing Power and Alice's Garden (sourcing food locally to help others get access to fresh, pure, healthy ingredients)

APPEARANCES & Demonstrations
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