Reds by the Glass


Cabernet Sauvignon

aromas: dark berries, black currant

mouth-feel: smooth, coarse finish



aromas: plum, cherry, blackberry

mouth-feel: soft


Pinot Noir

aromas: cranberry, cherry, earth

mouth-feel: smooth, crisp finish


Syrah / Shiraz

aromas: blueberry, blackberry

mouth-feel: smooth, round


Chianti / Sangiovese

aromas: red cherry, orange peel

mouth-feel: smooth



aromas: blackberry, chocolate

mouth-feel: sweet finish


Nero d’avola

aromas: black currant, plum

mouth-feel: lively



aromas: raspberry, strawberry

mouth-feel: light


Rosso Blend (8.50/33)

aromas: ripe blackberry and cherry

mouth-feel: smooth


Montepulciano (9/35)

aromas: bold black cherry

mouth-feel: smooth finish

Wine Selection

Whites by the Glass 



aromas: tropical fruit, apple, oak

mouth-feel: smooth, creamy


Pinot Grigio

aromas: apple, pear, melon

mouth-feel: soft, smooth



aromas: apple, citrus, peach

mouth-feel: light


Sauvignon Blanc

aromas: green fruit, grass, herbs

mouth-feel: crisp


Moscato d’Asti (7.5/29)

aromas: sweet, grape, pear

mouth-feel: smooth, sunny


Bianco Blend (8.5/33)

aromas: rich fruit and citrus

mouth-feel: refreshing



Wines by the bottle



Chianti Classico, PoggioAmorelli  46.00

Rich, vibrant, ripe fruit on the palate


Dolcetto, Franco Serra  40.00

Balanced, refined, elegant and complex


Nebbiolo, Renato Ratti  46.00

Fresh fruit and substance on both thenose and the palate


Barbera, Mati Scagliola  48.00

Violet, lavender, dark berries


Tezza Amarone   61.00

Rich flavors, long, lingering, smooth finish. The varsity of the Veneto


Valpolicella Superiore “Ripasso,”
Cesari  Mara  48.00

One of Italy’s most innovative wines


Nebbiolo Barolo,Renatto Ratti  64.00

Deep, full bodied, firm structure,black fruit flavors and
robust tannins


Primitivo, Primaterra  36.00

Plum, cherry, herb, vanilla and spice


Zinfandel, Zinthesis  38.00

Bold, well balanced, mildly spicy



Sparkling Split  8.00

Fruity with a round, full taste


Prosecco, Stellinadi Notte   32.00

well-balanced and appealing, withthe extremely delicate almond note

















Memorable Blends


Monferrato Bianco Blend, Terri Scagliola  32.00

A ripe blend of Cortese and Chardonnay, light body, rich texture, creamy honeyand fresh citrus notes



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